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While most people will self diagnose themselves with a headache, it is important to consult with Dr. Sara, your dentist in North Scottsdale, AZ, for a proper diagnosis. Depending on the type of headache, your treatment option will be different. Accurate diagnosis of frequent or recurring headaches is critical to finding relief when symptoms occur. It also helps to establish both a short-term and long-term treatment plan.

A headache might also be a symptom of an underlying health problem that requires further medical attention. In diagnosing headache types, a complete and accurate history of symptoms and characteristics is helpful. It is also necessary to conduct a physical or neurological examination to find any signs of what might be an underlying cause to your headache pain in North Scottsdale.

With multiple types of headaches and many possible causes, it is important to seek further care to determine a proper diagnosis and establish a treatment plan. Most headache patients may not require an array of extensive diagnostic testing before establishing a treatment plan, but that is where proper diagnosis comes into play.

Contact Dr. Sara in North Scottsdale, AZ to learn more about the next steps in finding relief from your headaches and pain.