standard-title Prolotherapy for Jaw Pain Relief

Prolotherapy for Jaw Pain Relief

For patients with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder (TMD) or headaches, relief may seem like an impossible task. But you’re in luck. With the availability of prolotherapy, finding pain relief is finally in sight. Through the availability of prolotherapy, we can help you live without the constant, nagging pain you have grown accustomed to feeling. 

Prolotherapy is ideal for TMJ pain because it helps to strengthen the ligaments that allow for proper movement of the jaw.

What is Prolotherapy?

Short for proliferation therapy, prolotherapy is a noninvasive treatment that involves the injection of a solution into a weak or damaged area of the body. This helps to regenerate and repair tissue. A small amount of the solution, typically dextrose, lidocaine and sterile water mixture, is injected near the painful or damaged ligaments, tendons or joints. It is used to create an inflammatory response. Once the injection has occurred, it promotes healing.

Before your prolotherapy treatment can begin, we will discuss any risks, benefits and side effects associated with this option for pain relief. Once you have a proper understanding of prolotherapy, we can begin. For the procedure, depending on the origin of the complaint or injury and site location, multiple injections may be needed. 

Typically we will anesthetize the area before we complete the prolotherapy injection or injections. The solution is injected into the treatment area and covered to protect against infection. A series of two to three injections may be performed over the course of a month, depending on the injury or condition. Fewer treatments will be needed if the symptoms are relieved quicker. However, since this is a regenerative healing process, it may take a few weeks to see final results.


After the Prolotherapy Treatment

Once the treatment is complete, you may feel soreness in the injection site. That sore and achy feeling may be present for the next couple days, but it can resolve within 72-hours post-injection. It is also recommended that you ice the injection site when returning home after the procedure. This will help minimize soreness and redness. 

Avoid the use of ibuprofen or Aleve for seven days after your procedure. Use of pain medications may end up blocking the intended regenerative response. Additionally, to prevent infection, avoid swimming or soaking the injection site in a bath or hot tub for at least 24-hours after the prolotherapy procedure is complete. 

Contact Dr. Sara Vizcarra today to learn more about prolotherapy and to find out if this is an appropriate treatment option for relieving your pain.