Each night you slip into your pajamas and perform your nightly routine–whether you realize it or not. Then you hop into bed and snuggle up with your blankets. But is there such a thing as sleeping with too many blankets? There might be. It’s time to rethink adding that third or fourth blanket on top.

This has a lot to do with being too warm as you fall asleep. While you don’t have to go to bed shivering, your body still prepares itself for sleep by cooling down. But if you have too many blankets on, in an already warm room, your body will have a hard time cooling you down, which will interrupt your sleep. To help, here are some recommendations you can follow.

Keep your bedroom door open

Many people sleep with their bedroom door closed. However, if you sleep with the door open it can improve your sleep. People who sleep with the door open have a better and longer night’s sleep than those who sleep with the door closed because it allows for improved ventilation. 

Reconsider a hot shower before bed

Another way to regulate your temperature is to rethink that pre-bed shower. If you take a piping hot shower before diving into your comfy bed, think again. It might sound refreshing and blissful, but it can actually be causing more harm than good.

Your body needs to lower its temperature to sleep, but that hot shower or bath can cause your body temperature to rise. If giving up your nightly hot shower isn’t possible, then consider doing it at least two hours before bed rather than right before. And maybe reconsider that scalding hot water and exchange it for warm water.

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