If you have been diagnosed with craniofacial pain, the next step is getting treatment. With advanced treatment plans and solutions, you will be able to treat your craniofacial pain smoothly and efficiently. There are many treatment plans to choose from, so let’s look at the three most common techniques. 


With any disorder or pain, prescription medication can be a popular option. With craniofacial pain, taking the correct medicine is crucial. When prescribing a drug, all symptoms and pains are taken into account so you are given a drug that is right for your situation. It is important to understand the prescribed medicine so that it fits your lifestyle as well as treats your pain correctly. 

While taking the medication, take note of any results you are noticing or lack thereof. If you are having troubles, notify your doctor right away so he or she can prescribe a medication that suits your needs, or talk about a different plan of treatment. 

Physical therapy

Another option for treating craniofacial pain would be physical therapy. If you decide that physical therapy is the best option for you, you will be paired with a highly trained physical therapist who will help you reach your goal. During physical therapy, your therapist will coach you through exercises and massages that can alleviate your pain and train your muscles in order to prevent pain in the future. 

With ongoing communication between you and your physical therapist, you will be able to address any issues that may come up. Physical therapy is a great treatment plan and will give you exercises that will provide you with a lifetime of help!


An alternate treatment plan is meditation. Meditation is both soothing and calming, which will alleviate any stressors that could be causing your craniofacial pain. With meditation, you are calming your nerves beginning in the brain, and then flowing through the muscles. This in turn will provide you relief from any concentrated pain. 

You do have options when it comes to craniofacial pain treatment. Contact us at AZ Sleep & TMJ Solutions to learn more.