Have you found that you suffer from headaches more often than you don’t? Sometimes headaches can be so disruptive that you lose out on some of your tasks that need to be accomplished for the day. If you do suffer from headaches, it is important to understand the underlying cause. But it is also important to visit your dentist because they can provide treatment options that can help relieve your pain.

How can your dentist help?

Tension headaches typically come from muscle strain that develops in the jaw and mouth. Your dentist can check to see if this strain is actually the result of a misalignment of your jaw, which would cause incorrect biting. 

If your jaw or teeth are not aligned properly, it can lead to muscle strain that eventually causes headaches and painful migraines. Your dentist can recommend proper treatment to relieve your pain and improve your jaw alignment.

Additionally, misalignment might be causing you to grind your teeth at night. This can cause you to wake up in the morning with a headache, which is never something you want to deal with when waking up. 

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