Want to get to know the Valley’s premier dentists who are providing unparalleled levels of care in their practices? Well, you’re in luck because one of them is someone you already know! We are so proud to announce that Dr. Sara Vizcarra is a 2021 Valley Premier Dentist as published in Phoenix Magazine. 

Why Dr. Sara is a premier dentist

As a dentist who is treating sleep apnea and temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), she already stands out from the rest. Her dedication and commitment to her patients is unlike anyone else. She goes above and beyond oral health to take care of the whole patient.

Dr. Sara graduated from the University of Missouri School of Dentistry in Kansas City and practiced public health in her alma mater’s state before she found her way to Arizona. Once she found her place in Arizona, she created a dental office located at the base of Pinnacle Peak Mountain. That is where Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry blossomed. 

Since establishing her dental practice more than 16 years ago, she has grown her practice to include other dental providers. This is what helped her to be named one of the premier dental offices in the community. On top of that, Dr. Sara has also been named Top Dentist in Phoenix twice by Phoenix Magazine. 

Where sleep apnea and TMD fit in

Throughout her years of treating patients in her general dentistry practice, Dr. Sara noticed there was a prevalence of dental issues that went beyond just oral health issues. This sparked an urge for her to learn more and advance her knowledge in craniofacial pain and dental sleep medicine. With that, she opened her specialty practice, AZ Sleep and TMJ Solutions. 

As many of you know–and have experienced–Dr. Sara began offering treatment for patients with orofacial pain, TMD and sleep apnea at her specialty practice. She also went on to complete several residencies and years of treating these conditions, which led her to become a diplomate of the:

  • American Board of Craniofacial Pain.
  • American Board of Craniofacial Pain Dental Sleep Medicine.
  • American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine. 

Beyond helping her patients at Pinnacle Peak Family Dentistry and AZ Sleep and TMJ Solutions, Dr. Sara also volunteers to provide dental care to underserved patients in the United States, and Central and South America. 
Please join us in congratulating Dr. Sara on her ongoing outstanding work as a dentist that goes beyond oral health to treating craniofacial pain and sleep apnea. Congratulations on being a 2021 Valley Premier Dentist, Dr. Sara!