As the Spring season is underway, more and more people are getting outside and embracing the sunlight and warm weather! This exposure to sunlight and warm weather does wonders for more than your mood, it improves your sleep patterns! A simple walk around the neighborhood is the best prescription for a good night’s sleep. This could even improve your sleep apnea.

Benefits of walking

For the purpose of this article, walking will be the topic of discussion. If rollerblading, biking, hiking, or jogging are better options for you, great! Everyone has their preference, so find one that you enjoy and stick to it! Depending on where you live, walking outdoors may only be available to you during a few short months. Take advantage of it! Those few short months spent outdoors are enough to get you through the harsh, cooped-up winters.  

The benefits of walking outdoors are endless. To start, the natural sunlight helps to maintain a healthy circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is a cycle that regulates the sleep/awake schedule. If you rarely see the light of day, your body will become confused and tired. It won’t know when to naturally feel tired, and it may begin to crave sleep during the day and activity at night. 

Exercise your body and mind

Another added benefit to walking outdoors is the fact that you’re exercising! Exercise in general is associated with stress reduction and physical health, the combination of these two leads to a better night’s sleep. By walking, you’re allowing your mind to wander freely. It may imagine, contemplate, think, or simply enjoy the sights of nature.

Walking is a major stress reliever, allowing your brain to get active during the day, rather than at night when you’re trying to sleep. Walking outdoors nourishes your body in a way that keeps it balanced. Embrace the sunlight, your body needs it! 

Sleep Soundly

With the benefits of walking outdoors, your body will thank you. Not only will you see the physical improvements, but your mind will rest easy at night. Incorporating a daily walk into your routine isn’t too big a task, as you will quickly realize the rewards it brings.

Contact Dr. Sara at AZ Sleep & TMJ Solutions in Scottsdale to learn more about your risk for sleep apnea and what treatment options are available. A prescription for a walk around the block may be in your future!