Think of your ideal night of sleep. Maybe some warm tea in bed, fuzzy blankets to keep you warm and comfortable, and a snoring spouse for some white noise. Wait a second, nobody enjoys a snoring family member! You’re tired of nudging them to break the chorus, kicking them “by accident,” and suffocating your ears just to catch some z’s. Before relocating to the couch, what can you do to help yourself? 

Try ear plugs

Starting at the basic level, invest in a pair of ear plugs. Ear plugs are usually very soft and moldable to fit your ear and facial structure. Incorporating them into your sleep routine can deflect enough of the snoring to allow you to get a restful sleep. It may not be the perfect sleep, but they’ll get the job done. 

White noise can help

Another option would be a white noise machine or a fan. A fan can provide you with the noise necessary to block out the snoring, as well as a pleasant breeze within the bedroom. If you get cold easily, a white noise machine might be the better route. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a simple white noise machine with adjustments to meet your needs. Whatever you choose, the noise will block out the snoring, and you will have a more peaceful sleep. 

Adjust your bedroom

Diving deeper into the issue, you may want to make some adjustments within the bedroom that could potentially help your family member stop snoring or at least snore a little less often. Try turning the heat down a few degrees. Studies have shown that sleeping in a cool room will increase your chances of a peaceful sleep. This goes for both you and your beloved snoring partner. 

Make sure you and your partner are sleeping with enough space to move around comfortably. When you have space to move and stretch, your airways will also have space to move and stretch. Keeping your airways elongated and open will help to prevent snoring and sleep disruptions. 

Seek a sleep apnea diagnosis

In addition to these clever snoring hacks, your family member may want to get themselves checked for a sleep disorder. This is not something to be too concerned about, but sleep disorders can definitely prevent us from having the best quality of life possible. Without a good night’s sleep, your day will be sub-par. 

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