Any type of pain you experience is going to be uncomfortable and often difficult to deal with. If you suffer from constant pain, though, how do you find any relief? Whether you are suffering from neck pain or shoulder pain, it is important to understand how you can find relief from your pain. And it doesn’t always result in pain medications.

To help you better understand how to improve your pain, here are a few exercises for you to try.

Wall arm stretches. Stand against a wall with your arms extended in front of you. Next, move your arms up and down, as if you were making a snow angel. As you move slowly you will feel tension–this is what you are looking for. Keep your head up and your back against the wall through the entire exercise. Repeat this 10 times. How do you feel after completing this exercise?

Shoulder shrugs. While sitting, make sure to sit upright with your arms at your side (I would sit in a chair for this). With your arms at your side, shrug your shoulders and release them quickly while dropping the shoulders down. After releasing your muscles, you might notice that your muscles are beginning to tremble. That is completely fine and is only monetary–your muscles will feel better after the exercise is complete. Perform your shoulder shrugs for 10 reps.

Head tucks. While you are sitting in bed or in a chair, sit upright and slowly bring your head down to your chest. Next, slowly bring your head up and gently put it back. Try doing this in one fluid motion. And as you do this, slowly open your mouth so that it is fully open when your head is back. This will help to loosen the levator scapulae muscles in your neck to help with temporomandibular joint disorders..

When you experience pain in your neck or shoulders, try to remember these exercises. While they might not eliminate your pain altogether, they will help provide some relief. For further help and guidance, contact Dr. Sara at AZ Sleep & TMJ Solutions in North Scottsdale. Together you can find relief from your pain.