While temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) is quite common, not many people are aware that they suffer from it. In fact, an estimated 10-35 million adults in the U.S. suffer from TMD, with women impacted more often than men. When a person suffers from TMD, it is important to seek treatment and be knowledgeable of what options are available so that you can continue to improve your condition while eliminating pain. Let’s take a look at how oral appliances can help in the treatment of TMD.

What is oral appliance therapy for TMD?

While TMD cannot be completely cured, it can be treated to eliminate pain. The first goal of treatment is to relieve the muscle spasm and pain in addition to establishing normal range of motion of the lower jaw. At AZ Sleep & TMJ Solutions in North Scottsdale, Dr. Sara will determine the best oral appliance therapy option for each individual patient. While one appliance option works for one patient, it may not work for another patient. This is why we custom create appliances to meet each individual’s needs.

Is oral appliance therapy covered by insurance?

Throughout the day we get asked an array of questions, but one of the most often asked is, “Is oral appliance therapy covered by my insurance?” That is a great question! We’ve been asked this many times before, so we thought we would share the good news with everyone! Yes, oral appliance therapy is covered by most insurance companies.

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